At last summer is here and time to travel. I know people that travel year round, but there are some trips that are best when planned around seasons. I’m referring to trips that include gardens. Trust me, Brookgreen gardens on a cold rainy day in January is not a family pleaser. My husband who I affectionately refer to as the gardenobsessed traveler has passed the bug onto me. I recently gave a presentation to the Landings Garden Club titled “Worth the Drive” In order to prepare for it I convinced my husband we had to view the gardens that I would be presenting. We managed to see three out of four of the gardens on my list.The trips gave me the passion I needed to talk about the gardens and be able to give helpful tips about lodging and dining. For my husband, the gardens were inspiring. His knowledge was tested as I asked him to name all the plants! So gas up the car and head out. The Charleston area has plantations with beautiful gardens. Gibbs Gardens just north of Atlanta offers a blooming calendar year round. Our trip there was in October and we will return this summer. Bring home some ideas and give us a call so we can design a garden for you.

Allow us to create your outdoor space.

Tina Z